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A little bit about me...

I have a long standing passion for Pilates as it is the only method of exercise that has continually worked for me through various stages of my life. As a professional dancer I used it to condition my body, maintain strength and prevent injury. As a mother of two, it has repaired my body after giving birth and throughout my time working in a desk based job (and the delightful ageing process) - it has helped with posture and core strength, keeping me supple and ache free!

I love to help people and work with them to get the most out of their bodies. I have friends and family who have suffered through illness and injury and I have seen a loss of confidence take hold. They lose the trust in their body's ability to support and work for them, which in turn has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing. Pilates has helped them build strength and control and ultimately gain that confidence back in their day to day living.

Katy x

'Pilates has helped me with posture and core strength, keeping me supple and ache free!'

There are many pilates classes you could attend, so...

Why choose my classes?

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All equipment is
provided for you
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Receive 1:1 guidance
in group classes
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Morning & Evening
classes available

Benefits of Pilates

Body Toning


Alleviates Back Pain


Lean Muscles


Improved Posture

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Promotes Mindfulness

Reduces Aches & Pains

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