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Corporate Classes

Having previously worked in a corporate office environment for 13 years, I fully understand the challenges of sedentary work, use of screens and the impact of not stepping away from the desk!

Research shows neglecting physical and mental health, especially during a stressful time, will increase staff absence. Employers have a great opportunity to provide in-person, or Zoom classes for their employees to reduce absence through physical health issues.


Classes can take place in person or via Zoom. If in person, small equipment is provided to participants for up to 20 people at a time.


'There is an ever increasing pressure on employers to consider the wellbeing of their staff and to provide various channels to support mental and physical wellbeing.'

For those that have a busy life, a forever changing weekly schedule, can't make the times of a group class, or really just want that individual person attention that is customised to your body and your goal then Pilates in your home is for you.

A recent survey from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) shows evidence of most organisations increasing their focus on health and wellbeing and doing their best to support people in a holistic way.

Many are investing considerable resources in employee wellbeing but are not fully realising the benefits. More will realise a greater return on their investment if they take a systematic and preventative approach. This means paying attention to the domains of well-being, including the provision of ‘good work’ for people.

Charts - KOS PIlates(1).png
Charts - KOS PIlates.png

*Reference: Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor, CIPD - September 2023 report

Choose your package:

In-Person Package


1 hour Pilates online sessions via Zoom

Set of 5 or 10 sessions

1:1 advice, guidance and assistance

Price available on request


Online Package


1 hour Pilates session at chosen location

Selection of small equipment

1:1 advice, guidance and assistance

Price available on request


Just a few of the benefits

Step away from your desk

Learn something new

Find a new interest

Do something with a friend or colleague

Meet people from other areas of your company

Focus on you

Move and breathe


'With the current cost of living crisis, many people are cancelling gym memberships and classes to prioritise their funds. Neglecting physical and mental health, especially during a stressful time, will increase staff absence.'

If you think your employer would be interested in my corporate classes for your company, please do get in touch.

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