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Welcome to Katy  O'Sullivan Pilates


About Me 

I have a long standing passion for Pilates as it is the only method of exercise that has continually worked for me through various stages of my life. As a professional dancer I used it to condition my body, maintain strength and prevent injury. As a mother of two, it has repaired my body after giving birth and throughout my time working in a desk based job (and the delightful ageing process) - it has helped with posture and core strength, keeping me supple and ache free!

I love to help people and work with them to get the most out of their bodies. I have friends and family who have suffered through illness and injury and I have seen a loss of confidence take hold. They lose the trust in their body's ability to support and work for them, which in turn has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing. Pilates has helped them build strength and control and ultimately gain that confidence back in their day to day living.


Our Classes

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Real Experiences, Real Results


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this class!! As a professional gym/exercise dodger I am not really a lover of 'work outs' but after back surgery my physio advised me to take up Pilates to aid my recovery and I am so glad I started attending Katy's classes. I  tried other classes before Katy and found the instructors were too quick when showing an exercise and jumping into the next one. In Katy's class she is great at explaining all the exercises and her interaction with the attendees by walking around and correcting postures etc means you all get the best out of the sessions. I come away every Wednesday and Thursday (yep I now attend twice a week as I enjoy it so much) feeling refreshed but like I have worked out without feeling like I am in pain. My physio is also really pleased with the improvement to my range of movement, strength and flexibility which I wasn't getting with just physio alone. I cannot recommend these classes enough. S B-B


Wednesday evening is my favourite day - it's Pilates time. I love Katy's hands on approach and different level of exercises. I get to perfect my technique and adjust it to how I feel on the day. I can see my overall posture improving. Not having done it for years I have welcomed it back, especially as Katy makes the sessions fun and relaxing! KB


I started Pilates as a complete novice. Katy has been such a help with my quest for improved fitness. She is very friendly and tailors the class with your own individual needs and progression in mind . I have noticed positive results with my core strength and ultimately wellbeing since I started. SD


I’m so glad I found Katy and joined KOS Pilates, I was looking for a class to help with functional mobility and to improve my core strength. Katy is really hands on, tailors the class to each of the students and keeps them fun and interactive. I have noticed such an improvement in my posture, strength and awareness of myself. It’s always a great atmosphere, I love my weekly sessions and always leave with a big smile!  AB


I love going to Katy's classes, it's always one day of the week I'm looking forward to. It's fun and relaxing after a stressful day. Katy is very friendly and gives lots of attention to everyone in the class. Pilates has helped me a lot with my back and neck problems. Since I am going to Katy's classes I have less backache and my neckache is getting better. I'll never miss a class if I can help it! IS

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