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Postnatal Pilates

Bring Your Baby to class!

Pregnancy and giving birth can really take it's toll on your body and it can feel like the body that you once knew, doesn't really feel like yours anymore. Come and join me for this Monday morning class to work your body in a safe and gentle way, to rebuild your muscle strength, tone, and confidence.

Mondays, 9:15-10:15am

Forge Wood Community Centre

First class completely free!


Post-Natal Classes

You needn't worry about finding childcare for this class as I encourage you to bring your baby with you!

I'll provide a soft area in the centre of our mats for the babies to be in clear sight of you, so you get to workout but be near them at the same time.


It's the perfect opportunity to meet other mums too and ask questions and share concerns you might have.

Group classes are limited in numbers so as to give you my attention and assistance when needed.

Other class types include:

Beginners Pilates

Perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics

Mixed Ability Pilates

Classes for those with experience in Pilates

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